Californians for
Fair Electricity Rates

About Us

Californians for Fair Electricity Rates is a voluntary association to support informed thought, discussion and action towards fair electricity rates for all Californians.

The material on this web site was written by Ed Cazalet. Dr. Cazalet has forty years of electricity experience. He does not represent any electric utility suppliers or customers.


Dr. Cazalet has led the development of new smart grid standards for fair pricing of electricity. Dr. Cazalet’s background can be found at


He is the founder of TeMix Inc., a company that provides inexpensive systems to help implement fair electricity rates for Californians and other states and countries.


A presentation by Ed Cazalet on California electricity rate and smart grid issues from the perspective of the customer can be viewed on YouTube here. The slides are here.


This web site is an attempt to reach out to electricity customers, legislators, regulators, utilities and others to explain how electricity rates can be changed for the better. I am interested in your comments. Please email your comments to me at