Californians for
Fair Electricity Rates

Californians need an alternative to wasteful flat rate electricity prices.


Subscriptions with 15-minute incentives and smart devices provide predictable bills and efficiency.


With this plan we avoid the wasteful, high costs of flat rates and we save by using more electricity when it is cheap and clean and using less electricity when it is expensive and less clean.



Benefits of Subscriptions

Subscriptions with 15-minute incentives and smart devices are fair to customers, provide cost recovery to suppliers, reduce costs and improve the environment.



  • Subscriptions provide bill predictability to customers.
  • Subscriptions provide revenue predictability to suppliers to cover fixed investment costs.
  • 15-minute cost-based prices signal customer devices when to shift electricity usage to other times, if they can.  Smart thermostats and other smart devices including pumps, electric water heaters, and electric vehicles will do this for customers.
  • Customers that have excess solar power will sell the power to the suppliers at the same 15-minute prices or at subscription prices.
  • Subscriptions with 15-minute incentive prices will reduce peak loads and investment costs of suppliers.
  • Subscriptions with 15-minute incentive prices will increase usage when solar and wind are plentiful and decrease usage when they are scarce.
  • The combination of subscriptions and 15-minute incentive prices will lower bills to most customers.
  • Separate subscriptions and 15-minute incentives can be provided for distribution, other services and energy to customers that do not need all the services of their suppliers.